An apprenticeship is a fantastic way to secure the qualification and skills that will allow you to thrive in your chosen industry. Through a mix of workplace experience and training at the Hopwood Hall, you’ll quickly become confident in your ability to seize new opportunities and rise through the ranks of your chosen industry.

Be sure to have a look at your options below, including different fields and the various levels that you can train to.

Our dedicated team is always here to help you make the right choice – whether you’re an individual with big career ambitions or an employer who’s interested in upskilling a current member of staff/recruiting a new team member through this route.

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Art & Design
Middleton Campus
Rochdale Road, Middleton
Manchester, M24 6XH
0161 643 7560
Rochdale Campus
St. Mary’s Gate
Rochdale, OL12 6RY
01706 345 346