Green Week 2024

This year, we’re gearing up for an incredible celebration of Green Week 2024!

Each day of this special week is dedicated to showcasing different aspects of our commitment to sustainability. We believe Green Week is about inspiring everyone to carry these lessons home and make real changes in their lives. Here are just some of the activities we’ll be hosting throughout Green Week.

Let’s spread the word for Green Week! Together, we can truly embrace a greener way of living!

Earth Day Monday

On Monday, our focus is on spreading awareness about the significance of Green Week. We’ll be diving into why this initiative matters and offering students and staff various ways to actively participate. It’s all about igniting enthusiasm and involvement from everyone in our college community!

Travel Tuesday

Tuesday is jam-packed with activities aimed at promoting sustainable travel! We’ve got our very own bike doctor on hand, along with discussions on car sharing and understanding our carbon footprints. We’ll also delve into the details of Manchester’s new Bee Network bus service. Travel Tuesday is all about encouraging us to make greener transportation choices, reduce our carbon footprint, and consider the impact of fuel pollution on our environment.

UPS students planting trees.

Waste Not Wednesday

Wednesday is all about highlighting the importance of recycling and minimising waste. We’re encouraging staff and students to participate by bringing in items such as old towels, glasses, and clothes to donate to charity. Additionally, staff will be showing their support for Green Week by dressing in all shades of green!

Think Big Thursday

On Thursday, we’re exploring ideas for the future of our planet! From constructing bug hotels to engaging in green competitions, celebrating advancements such as our Tech Centre hydrogen-safe pipe, litter picking around the campus, and embracing eco-friendly cooking. There’s no shortage of exciting activities on offer!

Future Friday

Friday marks the conclusion of Green Week. We’ll be indulging in sweet treats, and discussing our environmental efforts at our climate coffee morning, followed by a nature walk to recharge. Throughout the day, we’ll be planting trees, picking up litter, and exploring eco-friendly career options. It’s a day of action and reflection as we conclude Green Week with a renewed commitment to sustainability.

Check out our full Green Week schedule here:

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