If you’re an employer, you’ll no doubt realise the enormous potential of shaping future skills and accessing our young talent pipeline.

Our Careers and Employability team would love to work alongside you in this aim. Together we can ensure that you’re able to recruit the best and brightest young people in the region.

We’d love to hear from all employers – no matter your industry or size. Please do feel free to reach out by emailing: careers@hopwood.ac.uk

We can work together in numerous ways, including:

Work Placements

A work placement is a fantastic way to tap into the potential of our students. As well as having access to fresh new thinking and the most cutting edge skills, you can also play your part in guiding learners to develop the skills that are needed in your industry.

Job Fairs

Our job fairs are a brilliant way to recruit young talent who are actively looking for work and hungry to take their first steps in their career. We hold job fairs for the health sector and other industries throughout the year, so please let us know if you’d like to be included.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my health and safety responsibilities towards the student?

Work placement students should be treated as an employee during their placement. Hopwood Hall College will conduct a risk assessment prior to the student arriving in your workplace which will cover a number of areas.

Does my business insurance cover me?

Work placement students are covered under your existing Employers Liability Insurance policy provided your insurer is a member of the Association of British Insurers.

Are there any costs involved?

As this is a work placement, there isn’t a requirement to pay the student for their placement as it is part of their education. However, if an employer wishes to contribute for areas such as travel, meals or refreshments, this would be entirely acceptable and to the discretion of the employer.

What should the induction include?

A typical induction should provide the student with:

• Emergency arrangements (fire, accident and first aid)

• A tour of the premises

• “Do’s and Don’ts”

• Welfare arrangements such as breaks, toilets, eating/drinking arrangements

• Any significant risks which may affect them e.g. Machinery, equipment, manual handling, hazardous substances, slips/trips, dealing with the public

• Key contacts – Mentor

• A brief of the duties they will be carrying out.

How long will the placement last?

Work placements vary in length and are extremely flexible. Whether comprehensive weeks, full days or half days our work experience placement co-ordinator will liaise with you to work out the best package for your business. Industry Placements are also available for Students.

Tips on making work experience a success

• Meet the young person before the work placement starts

• Discuss planned outcomes and expectations

• Create a plan of tasks for the duration of the placement

• Plan an induction programme that includes health, safety and conditions of work

• Identify a supervisor and mentor

• Review progress during the work placement

• Provide feedback to the college

Employer Feedback

“Jodie has been an excellent addition to the team, she has been assertive, polite and helpful during her placement. Jodie has assisted with a range of tasks whilst acting quickly and confidently around a wide range of dog breeds. We would love to have Jodie back in the future and she has asked to develop her knowledge by continuing to volunteer with us.”

Animal Care employer

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