Help Shape Future Skills

Our students are absolutely brimming with potential! They’re hardworking, passionate about their craft and learning new skills every day.

This is why we’d like to give you access to our incredible talent pool. It’s your opportunity to benefit from their talent and fresh perspective – while at the same time helping to shape future skills and galvanize success.

We’ve seen more and more employers reaping these rewards since we began offering T-Levels. T-Levels are the revolutionary new qualifications that have been introduced as the technical equivalent to A-Levels. Created in collaboration with employers, the qualification sees learners complete a 315-hour (45-day) work placement during their two-year course.

This means our students have been developing their growing skillset in all manner of industries across the region, including Construction, Health, Science, Digital and many more!

If you’re interested in shaping future skills through a work placement – or if you’d prefer to offer another form of work experience – please do reach out to our Careers and Employability team at

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