Apprenticeship Plus

Apprenticeship Plus is the pioneering new way we are delivering future skills. Launching in September 2024, apprentices who are training at Hopwood Hall College will have the opportunity to gain additional qualifications at no cost to the employer.

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This adds significant value for both the apprentices and their employers, with time and dedication being the only investment required. Apprenticeship Plus means apprentices are able to gain additional skills and qualifications while they complete their apprenticeship – ultimately making them an even greater asset to employers.

Here are some of the exciting details of Apprenticeship Plus:

  • Free of charge: All additional courses are fully-funded, ensuring there is no financial burden on employers or apprentices
  • High quality courses: Our diverse range of top tier courses are designed to enhance both practical skills and theoretical knowledge in growth areas where there are gaps for in-demand skills such as sustainability and retrofitting
  • Accredited qualifications: Apprentices will earn recognised qualifications that will boost their skillsets.

Benefits for Employers

  • Competitive edge: Empowering your workforce with the latest skills and knowledge keeps your company at the forefront of industry innovation and competitiveness
  • Increased productivity: Skilled apprentices contribute to higher productivity and improved quality of work, therefore driving better business outcomes.
  • Safety and compliance: Updated training ensures apprentices are knowledgeable about current safety protocols and compliance requirements, therefore fostering a safer work environment.

Benefits for Apprentices

  • Expanded career opportunities: Additional qualifications open doors to a broader range of career paths and accelerated career development.
  • Enhanced Confidence and Independence: Acquiring new skills boosts self-confidence and fosters greater autonomy in the workplace.
  • Professional Growth and Networking: Courses provide opportunities to network with industry experts and peers, facilitating valuable professional relationships and growth.

For more information on Apprenticeship Plus, please contact our expert team by emailing or by calling 0161 655 1615

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