Workforce Development

We made a pledge to be the Drivers of Economic Prosperity in our College Strategy 2021-25. It follows years of working closely with businesses to help them upskill their staff and recruit the best talent for their teams.

If you’re an employer, we’d be thrilled to work alongside you to develop your workforce, boost your productivity and spark innovation in your industry.

We have a passionate team that is committed solely to this purpose and can advise you on the best way to grow your business through the likes of tailored training solutions and impactful recruitment.

Here are just a few of the ways that we can work with you to spur on growth and galvanize success for your business.

Upskilling your team

Tailored training

We realise that there isn’t always a ‘one size fits all’ for businesses. That’s why we can work with you to craft bespoke courses that are tailored to the individual needs of your workforce. This will insure that your training needs are met and your workforce gains the skills you desire.

Higher Education, Middleton

Free Level 3

We’re thrilled to confirm that your staff can now complete a Level 3 course with us for FREE*. This can provide members of your workforce with cutting edge skills and a nationally accredited qualification which will allow them to climb to new heights in your business.


Our online courses are perfect for CPD. Due to how important these are for businesses, we’ve created an extensive catalogue of short online courses to help upskill staff in everything from Health and Safety to Mental Health and Wellbeing. Your employees can access five of these for free!

Training for Trades

Our Training for Trades courses are industry-specific routes in which you can update your trade skills, gain a new qualification, renew mandatory accreditations or learn something completely different. They’re ideal for people wanting to stay ahead of changing requirements in their industry.

Student working on electrical circuits and alarms

Flexible Learning

If your team is passionate about gaining life-changing new skills but have to do it while juggling demands such as work and family, then they’d be perfect for Flexible Learning. This mode of learning happens online, is free* and often results in a coveted Level 2 qualification.

Flexible Learning courses in Greater Manchester



Our Apprenticeships team would be delighted to source and train your next apprentice, in the process making sure that the individual is the perfect fit for your business. In addition, if you’ve got a current member of staff who would like to become an apprentice then we can provide the training needed to complete the apprenticeship.

Talent pool access

When you’re one of our employer partners, you’ll have access to our amazing talent pool. This is an extensive list of training/newly-qualified students who can be handpicked to join your team as a permanent employee or temporarily through a work placement or work experience.

Sector Based Work Academies

Our Sector Based Work Academy is a partnership between you and the college in which we source individuals from the community who are actively looking for work and give them vital training and information related to your industry.

Higher Education, Middleton

As well as gaining a relevant qualification over a short period of one or two weeks, these job seekers can start to develop the specific skills and knowledge you need ahead of attending an interview with you.

*Subject to eligibility criteria

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