It All Started at Hopwood

Hopwood Hall College and University Centre can trace its history back more than 70 years. In this time we’ve always had the same purpose: to aid people in reaching their potential and discovering their path.

If our hallowed halls could speak they’d surely dazzle you with their stories. After all, countless people have found triumph and success here since 1947. It’s been an experience that’s provided them with the perfect springboard to achieve some incredible feats in life.

It All Started At Hopwood traces these stories – from people’s first days at the college to what they’re doing present day. You’ll hear from men and women who have reached the pinnacle of success, while at the same time never forgetting their time at Hopwood Hall College.

Let them inspire, entertain and motivate you. After all, when all’s said and done your own path could look remarkably similar…

Middleton Campus
Rochdale Road, Middleton
Manchester, M24 6XH
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Rochdale Campus
St. Mary’s Gate
Rochdale, OL12 6RY
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