Free Short Taster Courses

If you’re looking to dip your toe back into learning before committing to a longer course, then you’ll really benefit from completing one of our Short Taster Sessions. It’s a fantastic way to get a sense of whether the subject is for you – and you’ll also learn some handy new skills in the process!

The sessions take place both online and in-person depending on the course. If you complete an online class then you can do it from the comfort of your home, but if you complete an in-person session then you’ll get to use the state of the art facilities and equipment at our campuses.

The courses usually take no more than a matter of hours. As well as getting an introduction to the subject, you can expect to meet like-minded people, boost your confidence and get to know our expert tutors.

It’s often the case that people want to commit to a longer course after completion of their taster session. Due to this it’s a fantastic route if you want to learn a new skill but would first like some peace of mind that it’s the right field for you.

Like so many before you, we’re confident that you’ll enjoy the taster session and that it will kick-start your path back into learning – in the process having the potential to open doors to an exciting new career!

Flexible Learning courses in Greater Manchester

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