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Our Careers & Employability team is ready to offer you expert advice from your very first day on campus!

Whether you’d like information on bulking up your CV, applying for jobs or progressing to university, we’d be delighted to guide you along the way.

Just some of the help that we provide includes:

  • Writing your CV
  • Applying for part-time jobs
  • Undertaking volunteering
  • Transitioning to an apprenticeship
  • Securing work experience
  • Deciding between full-time employment or Higher Education
  • Writing your personal statement and submitting your UCAS application

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Work Placements

We are committed to developing your employability skills through a range of college-led activities, including work placements. This work experience will vary from course to course, though typically you will undertake a placement for at least one week during the academic year. (NB: For T-Levels this will be a 45 day placement). Work experience can also take place on study days, during college holidays or as part of your course timetable. 

Our dedicated team of Careers & Employability Officers will work with you to prepare you for the world of work and for your next steps after college.

Higher Education, Middleton

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My child/young adult hasn’t had a good experience with work experience in the past – why would industry placements be any different?

A: Traditional work experience involves a student working for just 1 or 2 weeks. Due to induction processes and limited time, often students cannot gain full exposure to all areas of the business and/or role. The new industry placements will last for a minimum of 45 days with students placed within businesses that are relevant to their courses, meaning they will be able to develop and hone the skills they really need. Furthermore, an initial screening process will be conducted by the Work Experience Development Team for the employer and student, to ensure the right fit.

Q: Will my child/young adult be making the tea and photocopying?

A: No. Students will be given relevant tasks to gain the experience they need to make a start in their career. The creation of industry placements is to combat skills shortages in the country, therefore, industry specific skills development is a huge focus of the placement.

Q: But won’t this take them away from their studies?

A: No – the industry placement will be planned to fit well with their studies so they will be prepared for the placement and it will add real value to their course. For example, if your child is studying at college for 3 days per week, their placement will take place on one of the two days remaining in that week. Our senior management, curriculum leads and tutors have worked closely with the Department for Education to ensure this is the case.

Q: How can I be sure they will receive a good placement?

A: We will match your child with an employer that is directly relevant to their course. We will ensure that the employer has relevant work and provides a good standard of line management so the student can receive the coaching and support needed to learn and work well.

Q: What about their part-time job?

A: We will provide plenty of notice regarding when the industry placement will take place to allow the student to change shifts if needed.

Q: What does my child/young adult need to do?

A: • They must attend the placement.

• They will be accountable to a line manager at the business who will expect them to meet standards in areas such as professionalism, timekeeping, communication and teamwork.

• They must adhere to all health and safety rules at the business.

• They need to complete a log book, reflecting on their learning and development.

Q: What checks will be done to make sure this is safe?

A: We will run due diligence on all employers for health & safety, insurance and safeguarding purposes. Industry placements are an integral part of these Level 3 Technical Education courses and are designed to give students a valuable opportunity to put their learning into practice, develop excellent skills and become more employable.

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