Exam Preparation

If you have to sit an exam at the college as part of your course, please rest assured that we always put many measures in place to ensure that you’re able to reach your full potential and achieve the result you deserve.

We have a dedicated Exams team at Hopwood Hall College, which is comprised of experienced Exams Officers and Exams Assistants.  It is their job to ensure that you can take your examinations in a suitable environment, receive your results in a timely fashion and ensure you are told when your certificates are ready to pick up. 

Information for Learners 

The link below includes valuable information for learners on what you must and must not do in an examination and assessment. This guide is to help you avoid malpractice and potential disqualification. 

You can access it HERE.

You must make sure you bring all the necessary equipment to your exam, including calculators where necessary. The Exams team can only provide spare equipment in emergencies. 

Hopwood Hall’s centre number is 33239. Current learners can view their exam information, including timetable and results, on the Hopwood Life App 


Where can I get details of my exam timetable? 

Your timetabled exam can be viewed on the Hopwood Life App.

What should I do if I turn up late for an examination? 

Report to the exam room as soon as possible and the invigilator will advise you on whether you are still able to sit the examination.

What should I do if I am ill on the day of an examination? 

You must notify the college on 0161 643 7560 if you are unable to attend the examination 

Who do I need to speak to about Exam Access Arrangements? 

You will need to speak to your tutor who can then refer you to the Learning Support Team for an assessment  

How do I request access to my scripts or request a review of marking after results day? 

After you have received your exam results you must speak to your tutor who will contact the Exams team to request a copy of your scripts from the awarding body. If you require a review of marking, your tutor will give you the Candidate Consent Form for you to take to reception with your payment. 

How do I confirm my identity?

We must be able to confirm your identity at the start of the exam. Please ensure you have your college ID with you. 

Please note: Where it is impossible to identify a candidate due to the wearing of religious clothing, such as a veil, the candidate will be approached by a member of staff of the same gender and taken to a private room where they will be politely asked to remove the religious clothing for identification purposes. Once identification has been established, the candidate should replace, for example, their veil and proceed as normal to sit the examination 


AQA | Student and parent support | Managing exam stress 

The Wellbeing Zone | Pearson UK 


The awarding organisations release certificates to the college when we inform them you have successfully completed your course. The release dates of the certificates will vary depending on the qualification and awarding organisation. 

When the college receives your certificate you will be sent a text message informing you that you can pick it up from the college. When you come into college to collect your certificate you will be asked to check for any anomalies and to sign to say that you have collected them.   

All certificates need to be collected within 12 months.  If you have not picked your certificate up within this time you will need to contact the awarding organisation directly. 

If you require a replacement certificate you will need to contact the awarding organisation to request this. Some awarding bodies do not offer a replacement certificate service and in such circumstances the awarding body will issue a Certifying Statement of Results which will provide an accurate and complete record of results for all qualifications covered by the original certificate 

If you have any queries about your certificate please contact us either via the app if you are a current learner or email examsteam@hopwood.ac.uk 


For all exam enquiries please email examsteam@hopwood.ac.uk or if you are a current learner you can contact us using the link in the Hopwood Life App 

Awarding Organisation Useful Links 

For replacement certificates and verification of achievement 

NCFE Replacement certificates | NCFE 

Verification of Achievement | NCFE 

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