Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

At Hopwood Hall College equality, diversity and inclusion are present in everything we do. This is represented in our college strategic intention to be the “Champions of Inclusivity”, which communicates our college-wide approach to be a learner-centred, trauma-informed and accessible college for everyone.  

As a Public Sector organisation subject to the Public Sector Equality Duty, we publish an EDI report each year which details the diversity within our learner and staff populations, key progress on EDI objectives and any plans for future years.  

In 2021/22 we celebrated key inclusion dates such as Pride, started an LGBTQ+ student group, and updated internal processes to match best practice to ensure all learners and staff have the best experience possible. 

In future years we will be focusing on the following plans: 

  1. Develop an EDI champions programme so there are EDI experts across the college 
  2. Build on the current staff training programme so all staff have the tools they need to support learners 
  3. Develop EDI data reporting to support intersectional analysis 
  4. Ensure there is a range of celebrations and activities which represents all learners and staff so everyone is represented and feels that they belong at Hopwood. 

EDI is promoted across the college through a programme of collaborative EDI activities delivered during the year which include: 

Student participation:  

An established connection with learners is provided by the Engagement and Enrichment team working with the EDI Manager eg: Muslim Arts and Culture Festival (MACFEST), led by ESOL students and involving the community. 

Other events that we arrange profile-raising activities around include: Armistice Day, Holocaust Memorial Day, LGBT History Month, Deaf Awareness, International Women’s Day, Mental Health Awareness Week and Black History Month 

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