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If you’ve ever dreamed about landing a new job, switching to a new career or simply mastering a new skill, then you’d be perfect to study one of our adult courses.

We’ve got a wide variety of pathways to suit people of all ages, abilities and preferred modes of teaching. This means there’s nothing to stop you from seizing the opportunities that come from retraining, upskilling and getting back into learning.

The professional possibilities really are endless. In addition to developing your skillset you can also look forward to connecting with like-minded people and building your confidence.

Previous alumni have gone on to start their own business, clinch the careers they’ve always wanted to pursue, land long overdue promotions or finally secured a spot at university.

These former students always tell us that the first step is the hardest and we fully recognise that it can be daunting returning to education as an adult. That’s why we’ve got routes where you can ease yourself back into learning, such as taster sessions and short online courses.

However, we’ve also got part-time courses, flexible learning and it’s well worth noting that you can also apply for our full-time courses – a brilliant way to retrain for an entirely new career!

Whether you want to retrain, upskill or simply learn something new for fun, we’ve got courses to meet all different schedules – and many of them are also free!

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