Alumni Success Stories

We like to say that you can ‘stay near and go far’ when you study at our University Centre – and our alumni are amazing examples of just how far you can go!

Higher Education is a marvellous experience for anyone who has big dreams for the future. It can really set you apart from others in your field and create so many new opportunities in your professional life.

Our alumni have certainly benefitted from gaining these all-important qualifications. We’ve seen former students go on to climb to the top of their industries, start their own businesses and even progress to more advanced levels of study, such as Masters degrees and PhDs.

If you’re thinking about the prospect of where Higher Education could take you, you’ll surely find inspiration from the below success stories. It’s great motivation as you look to start a pivotal new chapter in your own life!

Abi Calderwood
Abi Calderwood Criminology Lecturer after studying at the University of Manchester Studied: Access to Higher Education

Abi’s course opened up a world of opportunity for her – beginning with a place at one of the best universities in the country!

“The Access course put me in really good stead for all the amazing employment opportunities that have opened up for me”

Helen King-Wilson
Helen King-Wilson Deputy Manager at Red Robin Pre-school, Oldham Studied: Foundation Degree in Early Years

Helen wanted to climb through the ranks of the childcare industry and knew that the best way to do this was by studying Higher Education at our University Centre. It was her opportunity to stay local and go far!

“Hopwood unlocked capabilities that I did not recognise in myself and gave me the confidence to expand my knowledge”

Janine Lightfoot
Janine Lightfoot Nursery Manager at Red Robin Preschool Studied: Foundation Degree in Early Years

Nursery manager Janine wanted to implement positive changes to her nursery and stay ahead in the industry. She knew that the best way to achieve this was to study at Higher Education.

“I have never really been academic but doing this has shown me that when you have a passion for something you can achieve what you thought were impossible goals!”

Joanne Drysdale
Joanne Drysdale Newly Qualified Teacher at East Crompton St George’s Primary School Studied: Foundation Degree in Early Years

When Joanne joined our University Centre as a mature student, she found herself on the fast-track to her dream career. The supportive nature of the course allowed Joanne to secure the job she’d always wanted.

“It’s never to late to achieve your dream! I was a mature student and Hopwood supported and encouraged me to pursue my dream and achieve it”

Joshua Watt
Joshua Watt Sports Coach at EdStart Studied: Foundation Degree in Sports Coaching

Joshua’s time at our University Centre gave him a great leg up when it came to making his mark in the industry. He even picked up one of the coveted gongs at our annual Higher Education Awards!

“There are so many fantastic opportunities at Hopwood – be sure to say ‘yes’ to as many as you can!”

Lorraine Dale
Lorraine Dale Self-employed Beauty Therapist Studied: Level 4 Advanced Beauty Therapy Techniques

Lorraine knows first hand just how valuable it can be to return to education as an adult. The experience led to her gaining the cutting edge skills to stand out in the industry.

“It was great to learn from knowledgeable tutors who were more than happy to share their expertise”

Matthew Burdaky
Matthew Burdaky Electrical Installation Instructor at Hopwood Hall College Studied: Electrical Engineering & Level 4 Education & Training

Hopwood stood out to Matthew because of its class-leading Technology Centre. He now has the pleasure of working in this state of the art building as he trains the next generation.

”My best advice to students is to just enjoy the college experience. Your tutors will certainly make it an enjoyable time and ensure you can succeed”

Molly Spence
Molly Spence Beautician at Gemma’s Beauty Clinic Studied: Level 4 Advanced Beauty Therapy Techniques

Molly’s course instilled in her a sense that she could do anything – and she’s already proving this with the success she’s found in her career!

“My favourite thing about Hopwood was definitely being able to practise on clients from the public. I went from zero confidence to loads of confidence within weeks!”

Richard Barnes
Richard Barnes Physiotherapist at Airedale General Hospital. Studied: Level 3 Access to Higher Education – Health Science Professions

Richard’s Access course gave him the coveted qualification needed to progress to university – and in turn that led to his dream job.

“One of the most fulfilling aspects was the journey itself and the feeling of moving towards the overall goal. They are memories which I hold dearly”

Richard Colclough
Richard Colclough Studying Bachelor’s Degree in Japanese, TESOL and Linguistics at York St. John University Studied: Level 3 Access to Higher Education – Humanities

Richard used his Access course to progress to university. He’s now studying a course that promises to open so many personal and professional doors for him.

“I loved the experience of adult learning – the atmosphere it provides and the incredibly supportive nature of the class”

Saad Farooq
Saad Farooq Reliability Maintenance Engineer at Amazon Studied: HNC Electrical and Electronic

Hopwood’s Technology Centre gave Saad the opportunity to gain the most sought-after skills. It didn’t take long for this to turn the heads of employers and start a lucrative career!

“My course opened up many doors and I have achieved a lot since gaining my qualification at such a great University Centre”

Sarah Godding
Sarah Godding Beauty Lecturer at Hopwood Hall College Studied: Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training

Sarah’s course equipped her with the abilities to adapt, change and improvise – all the skills you need to become a successful lecturer.

”I learnt that hard work pays off and you can achieve anything you want. The lecturers never stop believing and will always encourage students at any age to use their full potential”

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