Course Fees

Higher Education fees don’t have to be paid ahead of starting at our University Centre. This means that you don’t have to worry about saving money ahead of your course because in most cases you’ll be able to cover the cost of your tuition fees with a loan through Student Finance England.

This will be paid automatically into a student account in your name and you won’t need to begin paying it back until you meet a salary threshold. The loan will not affect your credit rating and is not dependent on your current financial situation.

When you’re looking into student finance options, there’ll be other help available than just your tuition fee loan. You can get help to cover expenses around your course in the form of:

  • Advanced Learner Loans
  • Living cost grants
  • Childcare grant
  • Parents’ Living Allowance
  • Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA)

Repaying your loan:

You will be asked to pay back 9% of your income over the threshold of £27,295 a year. This won’t happen until at least the April after you have finished your course.

The rate you repay will depend upon your post-university income and will be deducted from your salary. You won’t have to repay anything until you start earning over the threshold.

Help with living costs for full time students:

If you’re a full time student and need help with living costs, then student loans are also available. These are paid back in the same way as your tuition fee loan.

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