Sector Work Academy Programmes

Our Sector Based Work Academies are one of the great ways that we can funnel the best talent to your workforce. It’s a partnership in which we ensure that you’re able to access ambitious individuals from the community who are actively seeking work and are hungry to grow within a new role.

The Work Academy sees these individuals receive vital training and information related to your industry, as well as a relevant qualification, over a short period of one or two weeks.

This means that they can start to develop the specific skills and knowledge you need ahead of attending an interview with you. The process will provide you with the confidence that you are meeting candidates who understand your business, have already shown a desire to gain the skills you need and are actively looking to secure a long-term position.

Our collaboration with Tarmac and Daruma Group is a great example of how we can provide bespoke training solutions for businesses.

Tarmac – the largest construction materials company in the UK – and Daruma approached us about the possibility of delivering a specially designed training academy for Tarmac.

We were more than happy to help and together we crafted a tailored training programme that would serve as a recruitment pipeline and give Tarmac access to the best candidates in the community.

“I think the course was a success because it put the right people in line for the right roles. Not only have I secured a job, I’ve secured a career!”

Candidate from first cohort

We’re delighted that this programme is funnelling the best candidates to our employer partners. We’d be only too pleased to work with other companies in this way to ensure that you also have access to the widest talent pool needed to grow your business.

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