College shows strength as students unite over energising self-isolation fitness videos

Hopwood Hall College is releasing daily student workout videos in order to promote the continued health and wellbeing of their learners during the coronavirus pandemic.

The energetic clips – filmed before the government initiated a nationwide ‘lockdown’ – feature expert advice from students completing Level 3 Diplomas in Fitness at the College.

Thousands of social media users have already watched the first batch of videos after they were shared on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The posts are designed for both students and members of the local community who are in need of a boost in these challenging times.

In the footage, the aspiring personal trainers carefully demonstrate exercises such as planks, star jumps and push-ups which can to be done from a living room.

The more challenging manoeuvres that students can attempt include pike toe taps and burpees.

The videos clearly explain which body parts are being strengthened, as well as the best techniques to achieve maximum results.

The posts are part of a larger College campaign in which students and the local community are being urged to look after their health and wellbeing following the coronavirus outbreak.

It is hoped that the home workouts will encourage people to consider self-care while they are self-isolating or social distancing.

The College is also sharing a number of suggested activities to promote the mental and physical health of students during the time they are away from campus, including virtual museum tours.

Miles Greenwood, Programme Manager Uniform Public Services & Fitness Academy at Hopwood Hall College, said:

“The College is very fortunate because we have learners who are really knowledgeable, confident and with a high level of ability. It’s been a good opportunity for these leaners to showcase their own abilities as they help the general public in their time of need. It’s quite powerful when this support comes from students and is aimed at other students.

“I think people’s physical and mental wellbeing should take absolute priority at this moment. Therefore, we’re allowing the students to educate other students. It can be a big advantage if people engage and buy in. I’m sure those watching and taking part will feel the benefit very soon.”

Charlie Fitzpatrick, studying Level 3 Diploma in Fitness, said:

“It’s a privilege that I am able to share my knowledge to help people get through this tough time. I hope people gain confidence and motivation through the videos. They are simple but effective exercises that can aid people in self-isolation.

“I am happy I have been able to do this as many people are struggling to stay motivated. I think if you complete these exercises consistently then you will come out of this as a healthier and fitter person.”

Sandro Duwez, studying Level 3 Diploma in Fitness, said:

“I am thrilled to be able to help everybody who is looking for help in a time like this. I hope people will gain a basic understanding of how to exercise and use this knowledge to get a handle on their health.

“It’s great that the College has given me the opportunity to reach out to a wider audience who may require my expertise.”

Kaleem Ashiq, studying Level 3 Diploma in Fitness, said:

“I hope people gain the confidence to try out new ways of exercising and I hope that they ask for more videos on how to keep fit.

“I feel privileged to be a part of something like this with the College because it shows that I’m being recognised for something I’m passionate about – which is fitness. Looking at how well the other videos have done from people on my course, it’s clear that the whole College and student community have come together.”


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