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Traineeships are an opportunity to gain real work experience, job skills and improve your English and maths, if needed You’ll gain the experience employers are looking for, as well as the skills and confidence to progress into a paid Apprenticeship, into work or onto further education.

Am I suitable for a Traineeship?

The entry requirements for a Traineeship depend on your age.

If you’re aged between 16 and 18, you must:

  • be currently unemployed
  • have little or no work experience
  • be aged 16-18 and qualified below level 3

If you’re aged between 19 and 24, you must:

  • be currently unemployed, working fewer than 16 hours a week or earning less than £320 a month
  • have little or no work experience already
  • be aged 19-24 and qualified below level 3

Our traineeship programmes is 12 weeks and you will have the opportunity to:

  • Build your CV and get valuable work experience.
  • Gain work preparation training
  • Maths and English support
  • Have work experience.
  • Undertake an interview

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