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Hopwood Hall College is a recognised approved provider of Apprenticeships. We have a wide range of apprenticeships in many industries allowing those to develop practical skills and knowledge.

Together with our state-of-the art facilities and high standard of teaching, assessment and resources, you can be assured Hopwood Hall is the right choice for your business. We can work with you to identify how apprenticeships and work-based learning will fit with your business needs.

Apprenticeships are a great recruitment method, however can also convert existing staff into apprentices. This is a great way of up-skilling your current workforce without taking on additional employees.

Key Benefits:

  • Fill your Skills Gap
  • Increase employee satisfaction by having a motivated workforce
  • Reduce staff turnover by investing in their training and development
  • Increase business productivity and improved bottom line
  • Gain a Fresh Perspective
  • Cost Effective Recruitment Method
  • Return on Investment

For further information on how we can support you please contact the team on 0161 654 4373 or email us.

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