Alumni Success Stories

Hopwood Hall College is the perfect place to achieve your dreams. In fact, we don’t just tell our students to dream big – we tell them to reach for the stars!

Over the years, this message – combined with hard work and determination – has meant that our learners have gone on to accomplish great things in all walks of life.

There really have been countless success stories from those who joined us when they were just 16. We’ve seen our alumni become CEOs of international companies, secure roles that allow them to travel the world, and even pick up gold medals at the Olympic Games.

When you start your own journey at Hopwood Hall, you’ll be following in their footsteps. We hope this is a fantastic source of inspiration for anyone who wants to turn their passion and talent into a thriving career.

Be sure to have a look at the amazing alumni below. We hope their stories will motivate you to break down barriers, chase your dreams and find your own success in the world.

Pippa Ellis
Pippa Ellis Ionithermie Therapist at Steiner Spa Cruises Studied: Beauty Therapy

Pippa worked with clients in the Riverside Salon to build up her experience. Since qualifying she has travelled the world to places such as the Caribbean, Bahamas, Mexico and Cayman Islands.

“My advice to students studying a Hair & Beauty course is to make the most of the Riverside Salon experience. Lots of students don’t get that work experience so it gives you a good head start in the job market”

Rebecca Marson
Rebecca Marson Norland Nanny at Norland College Studied: Education & Childcare

These days you’ll find Rebecca studying a degree at the prestigious Norland College. In the future she plans to open a nursery specialising in emotional development.

“When I needed advice on assignments there was someone there to help, when I needed advice on real life there was also someone there to help. The tutors wanted the best for me”

Rossi Newton
Rossi Newton Machine Apprentice at Ken Mills Engineering Studied: Mechanical Engineering

During his course Rossi won the inaugural William Cooke Memorial Award in 2021. It was a testament to his hard work, determination and ability to shine so brightly!

“Hopwood had the best facilities out of all the colleges I looked at. My advice to anyone choosing a college would be to just give Hopwood a go because you’ll more than likely end up enjoying it”

Saffron Stead
Saffron Stead Student Police Officer, Greater Manchester Police Studied: Uniformed Public Services

Saffron had dreamed of being in the police since she was a child. This dream is now about to become a reality after she studied Uniformed Public Services at Hopwood.

“Each day was something to look forward to. My course helped me to achieve my dream career – and yours can too!”

Sascha Kindred
Sascha Kindred Champion swimmer Studied: Sport

Sascha is one of Great Britain’s most successful Paralympic athletes, representing his country in no fewer than four Paralympic Games. He has won a staggering six Paralympic, five World and eight European Championship Gold medals.

“I enjoyed every moment of my time there and will never forget the experienced staff, friendly students and fantastic facilities that helped me along my way”

Shahida Begum
Shahida Begum Teaching Assistant at Lowerplace Primary School Studied: Education & Childcare

Shahida always knew that she wanted to work with children. Once she visited Hopwood, it was a no-brainer that it was the place to make it happen. She now gets to share her passion every day.

“My tutors made the lessons fun and interactive – I was able to build so many valuable life skills. The course opens up so many amazing opportunities”

Stacey McDonagh
Stacey McDonagh Cabin Crew, Ryanair Studied: Travel and Tourism

Stacey had sky-high expectations when she chose her course. She’s now living a jet-set lifestyle having secured her dream job on the same day that she got her exam results.

“Since I was 12 I’ve always wanted to go and see loads of different places and make memories – and now my job allows me to do just that. I’m ready to go all over the world”

Timothy Herbert
Timothy Herbert Training General Technician, RAF Studied: Mechanical Engineering

The tutors pushed Timothy to achieve the best that he could in his assignments. He rose to the occasion and this prepared him to go into the workforce feeling ready, willing and able.

“I would advise anyone to commit to a course. If you get your head down and communicate with the staff, it’s a guarantee that you will receive the best possible teaching available”

Tony Tompos
Tony Tompos Academy Physiotherapist at Scottish Rugby Union, Edinburgh Region Studied: Sport

Since leaving Hopwood, Tony studied an ASC in Physiotherapy and is now a chartered Physiotherapist. In his career to date, Tony has worked at clubs including Accrington Stanley, Notts County and Wigan Athletic.

“The staff pushed me to think differently, focus on my academic work and better myself. If they didn’t do that, I would never have achieved the career I have”

Vanessa Beesley
Vanessa Beesley Owner of Marley’s Makeovers Studied: Animal Management

Vanessa knew she wanted to work with animals and had an entrepreneurial flair. Once she had the right qualification, she was primed to open her own business and become her own boss.

“I really enjoyed the practical side of the course, loved all the animals, and of course the friends I made at the college”

William Baron
William Baron Railway Engineering Apprentice, ISS Labour Studied: Mechanical Engineering

After building so much momentum at the college, William found himself on the fast track to working in an industry that he’d always been fascinated by.

“Even though I’d been working towards it, I never thought I’d find so much fun in a job. Every day is extremely rewarding”

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