Alumni Success Stories

Hopwood Hall College is the perfect place to achieve your dreams. In fact, we don’t just tell our students to dream big – we tell them to reach for the stars!

Over the years, this message – combined with hard work and determination – has meant that our learners have gone on to accomplish great things in all walks of life.

There really have been countless success stories from those who joined us when they were just 16. We’ve seen our alumni become CEOs of international companies, secure roles that allow them to travel the world, and even pick up gold medals at the Olympic Games.

When you start your own journey at Hopwood Hall, you’ll be following in their footsteps. We hope this is a fantastic source of inspiration for anyone who wants to turn their passion and talent into a thriving career.

Be sure to have a look at the amazing alumni below. We hope their stories will motivate you to break down barriers, chase your dreams and find your own success in the world.

Billy Cooper
Billy Cooper Studying HND Animal Management at Hopwood Hall College and University Centre Studied: Animal Management

Billy made the most of every opportunity on his course – even becoming the chair of the Conservation Society Initiative (CSI). He’s now progressed to our University Centre to gain the most cutting edge skills in Animal Management.

“The facilities are excellent. It’s hard to believe there’s such an extraordinary place like this in Greater Manchester!”

Chloe Cooney
Chloe Cooney Studying Veterinary Nursing at University Centre Myerscough Studied: Animal Management

Chloe was no stranger to working with the college’s 700+ animals during her course and this gave her great footing to enter a highly competitive industry.

“I really couldn’t imagine not being able to get hands on experience working with the animals. Along the way I built up my confidence and gained so many valuable skills”

Mia McDougall
Mia McDougall Animal Care Assistant, Vets Now Studied: Animal Management

Mia knew that she needed to pursue her dream of working with animals after seeing the facilities at Hopwood. It meant she had the great opportunity of care for rare and wonderful wildlife as she strived towards her goals.

“My advice would be to make sure you always get involved in practicals as you may never get to do it again outside of college”

Vanessa Beesley
Vanessa Beesley Owner of Marley’s Makeovers Studied: Animal Management

Vanessa knew she wanted to work with animals and had an entrepreneurial flair. Once she had the right qualification, she was primed to open her own business and become her own boss.

“I really enjoyed the practical side of the course, loved all the animals, and of course the friends I made at the college”

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