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    The College has temporarily moved to online delivery now that the country is back in lockdown. During this time, students can expect the same high quality of teaching and diverse workloads that they have become used to - only now this can be accessed through different online platforms.

    While we realise that for some this might be a new way of learning, we'll be striving to ensure that students have full access to the platform in which their course/s will now be delivered. This should ensure that learning can continue and students don't face unnecessary barriers on their way to achieving their goals.

    We'd like to encourage all students to familiarise themselves with the links below which are relevant to them. This information can also be useful for parents, guardians and carers who would like a better understanding of their young person's course will now be delivered.

    As well as step-by-step guides on how to access the online learning platforms and use them effectively, you'll also find useful tips to help you get the most out of working from home.

    Guides for accessing remote learning

    How to access ItsLearning through the desktop and app versions. ItsLearning gives you access to your course resources. Includes an overview of what you would expect to see when you log into ItsLearning.

    How to log into Microsoft Office 365. Includes an overview of the key features and tools available for you to use in the Office suite, including access to emails, OneDrive, Word and PowerPoint.

    How to access Microsoft Teams, including using the desktop and app versions, and what would expect to see when you log in. Teams app can be used for online collaboration and video conferencing.

    How to access your college email inbox through your Microsoft Office 365 account.

    How to access the Hopwood Life app, which gives you access to college updates and timetabling.

    How to access the BKSB online learning platform used to support English and Maths Functional Skills Learners.

    How to access the Century Tech online learning platform used to support English and Maths GCSE Learners.

    How to access ProPortal, which is a learner and parent access point, where you can find information on, for example, attendance and Individual Learning Plans (ILPs).

    A guide for making the most of technologies available on your own devices to help with accessing information. Find out how to get your device to read aloud text or type using your voice.