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Grow a Garden from your Kitchen

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TASTer Course Description

Whether you have a pot on a windowsill or acres of land, we can help you grow everything from tomato plants to mango trees using seeds you would normally throw away. All you need is some compost, a sunny windowsill, and some time to give your seedlings some tender loving care.

This course is FREE given that the following eligibility is met:

  • You live within the Greater Manchester area
  • You have lived in the UK/EU/EEA for the past 3 years now and/or have a settled status
  • Asylum Seekers must have been in the country for the past 6 months before they are eligible to do this course

Note: If you enrol on further study you may be asked to provide proof of income or benefit

Start date: 26/04/2021

Delivery mode: Online

This course runs for 3 weeks, 2 hours per week.

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