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Fitness fanatic students take over for National Fitness Day


Fitness Academy students from Hopwood Hall College celebrated National Fitness Day by holding a takeover with David Lloyd Clubs in Manchester.

After recently signing an employment partnership with the fitness and leisure giants, Hopwood Hall sent their Level 2 & 3 Fitness Academy students to hold classes with the centre’s attending members.

With the enormous fitness and leisure centre at their feet, students lent their knowledge and gave members of the public crash courses in tennis, spin classes, boot camp and circuit training regimes.

Whilst the classes were a fun, one-off addition for the public, the day acted as an ideal employability experience for the students.

#Pictured: Fitness students taking part in National Fitness Day.

Level 3 student Mitchell Titterton, who also runs his own fitness blog outside of his studies, said of his day at David Lloyd Clubs:

“I’m really grateful for David Lloyd Clubs giving us this day. It’s been great to learn some lessons in the real world whilst we trained the members, you can’t really replicate this for us students in a class room.

“Boot camp and our spin class seemed to push a few people pretty hard too, so hopefully we were able to add something extra to their work outs.

“The whole day was top for me personally too, as I want to keep developing my own fitness blog to help me forge a career in this industry and the activities I did today will really help that out”