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Higher Education Course Fees

Students do not need to pay their tuition fees upfront. Eligible UK/EU students will be able to borrow the full cost of their tuition fee from the government as a tuition fee loan. This money is paid directly to the college on the student’s behalf, and students currently only repay this loan once they have finished university and are earning over £21,000 a year.

You can find out exactly what fees you will pay through the student finance online application form. Just input our institution code name and the course code. A summary of the costs 'per year' are below.

2017/18 HE course costs

Course Code

Course Title


ME801D01HNC Creative Media Production£6000
CC840E01Foundation Degree Early Years - Part Time£4000
CC870F01Foundation Degree Early Years - Full Time£6000
EDCETL4Ascentis Certificate in Education and Training£900
LSCL4AM1HCHNC in Animal Management£6000
LSCL4AM1HDHND in Animal Management£6000
SPL4Y1FDFdSc in Sports Coaching£6000
TECL4EE1HCHNC Electrical/Electronic Engineering£6000
TECL4EE1HDHND Electrical/Electronic Engineering£6000

Student Finance England

All applications for student finance (including the tuition fee loan and the maintenance loan) are made online.

Students in England apply via Student Finance England. You should apply as early as you can to make sure that your funding is in place at the start of their course. Students do not need to have a confirmed place at college to apply for their funding. They should use their first choice of course and university and this can be changed online at a later date if required.

The Student Loans Company produces lots of information about student finance in general as well as more specific support. Visit the Student Finance England website for more information.