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Science and Animal Management

Life Sciences offer so many career options - including some you might not have even thought of before. We are constantly investing and improving the facilities and teaching environments for our learners so they can have the best hands-on experience possible. This gives you the best preparation for your future career.

Our Animal Management courses take advantage of classrooms, indoor enclosures and a huge outdoor space with a variety of animals. you will complete theoretical and practical lessons, learning how to handle and care for a diverse range of animals under the careful eyes of expert staff. These practical hours contribute to the overall award and the firsthand experience is vital to life after college.

While the outdoor spaces houses a number of animals, you can also choose to study Horticulture and learn about landscaping, gardening, aquaponics and more. With a huge amount of land to work with and big plans for the future, you'll be vital to transforming the environment for students and animals alike - and you'd be amazed at the careers available.


Our Science courses are available at both Level 2 and Level 3, with lecturers passing on a lifetime of expertise and knowledge that will help you progress into a number of career specialisms. There are a lot of practical elements to these courses but you will spend a lot of time studying as well. This balance will really help you in the future. Our Science courses provide challenging and worthwhile qualifications for students with an interest in science. Practical scientific investigation and work-related assignments give you the opportunity to study science beyond GCSE in a way that enables you to succeed, assessed through coursework assignments rather than entirely through exams. This means you can check your thinking and understanding with your teachers as you go along. Our Science courses provide a direct route for our students to go on to Higher Education and pursue a wide range of careers including as physical scientists, laboratory technicians, biochemists, chemical scientists and biological scientists.