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Entry Level Certificate in the Hospitality Industry

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Course Description

This qualification is designed to give learners an insight into the Hospitality. It has been designed to allow learners to experience a range of cooking techniques and presentation methods giving them a grounding in both Life and Work skills. The qualification is evidence portfolio based and allows learners to demonstrate both practical and theoretical employability skills to enable them to progress to the next level.


City & Guilds Entry Level Certificate in Employability Skills (Entry 3)

Entry Requirements

City & Guilds does not set entry requirements for this qualification. However, Learners must be enthusiastic and willing to try their best – a love of cooking is desirable and a positive attitude essential to ensure that learners have the potential and opportunity to gain the qualification successfully.


Planning for Progression: The aim of this unit is to help the learner to plan for progression by understanding his/her programme and the facilities and support available and by being able to recognise and build on personal strengths.

Conduct at Work: The aim of this unit is to introduce the learner to the range and type of conduct and appropriate behaviour needed in the workplace through practical skills classes.

Work Safely: The aim of this unit is to ensure that learners are aware of Health and Safety signage within the work place and can recognise personal protective clothing and equipment as appropriate to the environment in which they are working/living.

Working as part of a team: The aim of this unit is to help the learner to develop team working skills by understanding the roles and procedures of teams and being able to work with others to achieve a shared goal.

Personal Protection and Hygiene: The aim of this unit is to help learners understand the importance of good personal hygiene and personal presentation within the kitchen and restaurant.

Attitude and Values for Personal Development: The aim of this unit is to help the learner understand the importance of personal attitudes and values.

Introduction to the Hospitality Industry: Learners receive a general introduction to the hospitality industry including food preparation and cooking, food and drinks services, accommodation services and guest services.

Introduction to Customer Service: The aim of this unit is to give the learner a broad introduction to customer service. It covers the importance of personal appearance, first impressions, different types of customer and how to communicate with them.

Work Experience

Work experience will be included through a range of activities to enable the learners to develop social skills and awareness of the need for professionalism. There will also be an opportunity for Learners to experience light duties in Rochdale Bistro for the same purpose and to observe cash handling, vending and food service practices.


Progression to Level 1 Certificate for Skills for Working in the Professional Cookery Industry or Level 1 Certificate for Skills for Working in the Food Service Industry.

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