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Health & Social Care

Health & Childhood Studies covers a wide range of topics, from working with infants and young children through to working with the elderly in a range of settings. You will be taught be experts who have extensive experience in their fields and with fantastic facilities to help prepare you for any situation you may find yourself in during your career.

With virtual nurseries and work experience making up an important part of our Early Years courses, you won't feel out of your depth when the course ends. These careers can often be unpredictable, bringing up situations you'd never imagined before but with our support, you'll be well prepared to resolve anything that comes your way.

Our Health & Social Care courses have a number of pathways available so you can specialise in the areas that matter most to you. There are great opportunities in this industry that will reward hard work and dedication and we'll do our best to make sure you're fully prepared for those chances.

Dental nursing is also a popular choice and we have dedicated facilities to ensure you receive the best education, training and experience to start a career straight away.

Early Years/Health & Social Care and Dental courses require learners to have a DBS check. Applicants will complete a DBS check during the enrolment process, please see the DBS Code of Practice here.

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