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Digital, IT & Computing

If you’ve always had a flair for all things digital and are hungry to push your skillet to brand new heights, then you’d be the perfect person to study Digital, IT & Computing at Higher Education.

We’ve specially chosen our routes so that learners are able to attain the qualifications that are most sought-after by employers and are have a proven record for leading to the best careers.

Our university courses are taught at our Middleton Campus in Greater Manchester. You’ll soon become accustomed to our modern IT suites, which feature the most cutting edge technology, equipment and software. It’s all designed to springboard you into your career.

You’ll grow your skillset each day and soon discover just where you fit into the industry. There are so many careers in this field – with more and more emerging each day – and it’s our aim to make sure that you’re aiming high so that you have your pick of roles once you’ve secured your qualification. 

In the meantime, our expert tutors will be a constant source of knowledge. They’re determined to get the best out of you and make sure that you’re perfectly positioned to become successful in the field of Digital, IT and Computing.

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