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Level 1 Award Bookkeeping - Part Time

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Course Description

The AAT Access Award in Bookkeeping offers students at Level 1 the opportunity to develop practical bookkeeping skills. This qualification will particularly suit those students who have had minimal work experience or those who need some additional support in order to progress. This may include younger learners seeking tangible and finance specific skills, adults seeking to validate their existing skills to enter into or progress in their career, or students who would like to test their abilities before progressing further with AAT. This qualification may interest those who are self-employed or working in small businesses who wish to do their own bookkeeping. It may also be of value for those students who are studying the AAT Access Award in Accounting Software in order to develop a deeper understanding of the theory behind the practical skills they are gaining.

Course fees: TBC

This course starts in January 2022 and will run for 18 weeks, 2 hours per week on Wednesday's 10am - 12pm.


AAT Level 1 Award in Bookkeeping

Entry Requirements

There is no requirement for an accounting or bookkeeping qualification but students must have as a minimum a level 2 or above Maths qualification (GCSE grade C or 4, Functional Skill or Key skill) and Level 1 English qualification (GCSE grade D or 3, Functional Skill or Key skill).


Award in Bookkeeping is a single unit qualification. The unit introduces students to the role of the bookkeeper and simple bookkeeping techniques. It covers the buying and selling process and the common documents used. The unit also includes recording transactions in the books of prime entry. On completion of this unit, students will be familiar with bookkeeping terminology and will have developed practical bookkeeping skills. Students will learn the difference between assets, liabilities, income and expenses. They will discover that every transaction has a dual effect within the bookkeeping system. While this unit does not include the double-entry bookkeeping system, it will prepare students to learn double-entry bookkeeping skills, either in future studies or at work. Students will be able to prepare customer invoices and credit notes, to check supplier invoices and credit notes and to record these documents in the relevant books of prime entry. Students will be able to calculate amounts owing from customers and to suppliers. Students will be able to use an analysed cash book to record receipts and payments. They will calculate amounts of cash in hand and cash in the bank. They will be able to check the cash book against the bank statement and identify any differences. The qualification is assessed through a single online 90-minute examination.

Work Experience



Students who successfully complete this qualification would undertake the Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping. There are a number of junior bookkeeping roles that can be undertaken in an accounts office once a student has completed the level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping.

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