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Level 2 Award in Photography Fundamentals

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Course Description

This course is designed to allow students the opportunity to explore digital technologies in the field of photography. Digital image making and manipulation has become the preferred form for much image making activity in industry today and this course will allow you to develop basic skills within this area. The course is specifically designed for beginners and not for people who are already competent at the use of digital imagery.

This course will enable you to develop:

  • An understanding of the value of photography as a tool for creative activity
  • A range of photographic skills appropriate to the support of creative activity
  • A critical and analytical approach to photographic practice

This course starts on week commencing 05/09/2022 and will run for 15 weeks, 3 hours per week on Wednesday 6pm - 9pm.

Course fees (if not eligible for funding): £170.


UAL Level 2 Award in Photography

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this introductory course. However a keen interest in photography with a desire to improve or develop your digital photographic skills is desirable if you are to find the course engaging and enjoyable. It is essential before starting the course that students understand it is for beginners.


The Camera: Digital

  • This will introduce the student to the basic uses, functions, principles and skills in using a digital camera. Also to encourage students to become familiar with and explore the possibilities available through the use of a camera.
  • The range of activities will vary but selected from the following list:
  • An introduction to camera principles, functions and components
  • Using the frame to make abstract images
  • A workshop to demonstrate correct camera checking and cleaning techniques
  • A workshop to demonstrate techniques and equipment used to keep a camera steady
  • Identifying risks and making a risk assessment when using a camera
  • A workshop using a camera in a studio

Digital Imaging and Printing

  • This unit will introduce the student to a range of equipment, software and necessary skills to download, adjust and safely print and/or display a digital image.
  • The range of activities will vary but selected from the following list:
  • An introduction to basic digital terminologies and principles
  • An introduction to a range of imaging software and applications
  • Downloading and opening an image file from a range of sources
  • Identifying a range of methods to display digital images
  • Digitally retouching an image
  • Resizing an image for a range of applications
  • Both units will be internally assessed and moderated through a student’s portfolio of evidence.

Work Experience



This is an introductory course for beginners and so progression into a specific field of employment is not the expected outcome. Students successful on the course should consider more extensive study of creative media which can lead to a range of careers including:

  • Photojournalist.
  • Fine Art Photographer
  • Studio/Portrait Photographer.
  • Multimedia Specialist
  • Marketing Assistant.
  • Web Editor.
  • Photo Retail Sales Assistant

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