Dulcie Turner
Dulcie Turner Studying Engineering at Cambridge University Engineering

Dulcie was so impressed with the college’s state-of-the-art Technology Centre that she was happy to pass up providers closer to home and travel slightly further just to have the opportunity to study here

“It’s because of my experience in the Technology Centre that I got into engineering. It was my first opportunity to use industry-standard machinery. I had a good relationship with all the staff”

Matthew Burdaky
Matthew Burdaky Electrical Installation Instructor at Hopwood Hall College Electrical Engineering & Level 4 Education & Training

Hopwood stood out to Matthew because of its class-leading Technology Centre. He now has the pleasure of working in this state of the art building as he trains the next generation.

”My best advice to students is to just enjoy the college experience. Your tutors will certainly make it an enjoyable time and ensure you can succeed”

Rossi Newton
Rossi Newton Machine Apprentice at Ken Mills Engineering Mechanical Engineering

During his course Rossi won the inaugural William Cooke Memorial Award in 2021. It was a testament to his hard work, determination and ability to shine so brightly!

“Hopwood had the best facilities out of all the colleges I looked at. My advice to anyone choosing a college would be to just give Hopwood a go because you’ll more than likely end up enjoying it”

Saad Farooq
Saad Farooq Reliability Maintenance Engineer at Amazon HNC Electrical and Electronic

Hopwood’s Technology Centre gave Saad the opportunity to gain the most sought-after skills. It didn’t take long for this to turn the heads of employers and start a lucrative career!

“My course opened up many doors and I have achieved a lot since gaining my qualification at such a great University Centre”

Timothy Herbert
Timothy Herbert Training General Technician, RAF Mechanical Engineering

The tutors pushed Timothy to achieve the best that he could in his assignments. He rose to the occasion and this prepared him to go into the workforce feeling ready, willing and able.

“I would advise anyone to commit to a course. If you get your head down and communicate with the staff, it’s a guarantee that you will receive the best possible teaching available”

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