Abi Calderwood
Abi Calderwood Criminology Lecturer after studying at the University of Manchester Access to Higher Education

Abi’s course opened up a world of opportunity for her – beginning with a place at one of the best universities in the country!

“The Access course put me in really good stead for all the amazing employment opportunities that have opened up for me”

Adam Shiel
Adam Shiel Commis Prep Chef, The Bull and Bear Hospitality & Catering

Adam is currently working for one of the most reputable establishments in Greater Manchester after studying Hospitality and Catering at Hopwood. It’s a fast-paced role – but one that he finds very rewarding. 

“I really appreciate the help and guidance from all the tutors at Hopwood. Each one provided me with a sound knowledge of the business”

Amina Naseer
Amina Naseer Studying Computing at Bolton University ESOL

Amina’s course was perfect for giving her the skills that would allow her to study at university.

“My tutors helped me so much. I never would have achieved what I have done without their support and guidance”

Andrew Joyce
Andrew Joyce Apprentice Software Engineer, MBDA Computing

Andrew was just 13 when he realised he wanted to be a software engineer. After researching the college and its facilities he was primed to start his journey into the industry.

“My tutors always knew how to make their lessons interactive and fun. It wasn’t your typical lecture. They thoroughly explained each topic in depth and helped each student every step of the way.”

Anne Colgan
Anne Colgan Level 2 Award in Drawing Fundamentals

Anne chose her course because it was easy to fit around her full-time job and allowed her to explore her passion for art. She found the evening classes very enjoyable and is now eyeing-up the next part-time course that she can do.

“The course is great fun – whether it’s for a career or just to enjoy. Most people are nervous when you meet a bunch of new people, but everyone was there to learn and have fun!”

Billy Cooper
Billy Cooper Studying HND Animal Management at Hopwood Hall College and University Centre Animal Management

Billy made the most of every opportunity on his course – even becoming the chair of the Conservation Society Initiative (CSI). He’s now progressed to our University Centre to gain the most cutting edge skills in Animal Management.

“The facilities are excellent. It’s hard to believe there’s such an extraordinary place like this in Greater Manchester!”

Callum Rigg
Callum Rigg Content Creator on YouTube Creative Media Production

Callum has managed to master the world’s most popular video sharing site – in the process earning legions of followers who are gripped by his content and eager to see his next move. All in all, he’s got more than 100,000 subscribers!

“I had moments where I almost gave up, but my tutors kept me going. It’s  about how you get back up and try again until you do succeed”

Chloe Cooney
Chloe Cooney Studying Veterinary Nursing at University Centre Myerscough Animal Management

Chloe was no stranger to working with the college’s 700+ animals during her course and this gave her great footing to enter a highly competitive industry.

“I really couldn’t imagine not being able to get hands on experience working with the animals. Along the way I built up my confidence and gained so many valuable skills”

Chloe Cooper
Chloe Cooper Studying Theatre in Performance at the Arden School of Theatre Performing Arts

The stage was calling Chloe when she was choosing where to study after school. You’ll now find Chloe studying at the prestigious Arden School of Theatre. The bright lights of showbiz await her!

“This course is about having fun and being creative. As a creative person it gave me the opportunity to not only write my own work but direct and create shows – which as a performer is very exciting”

Chloe Eccles
Chloe Eccles Studying Primary Education with QTS at Edge Hill University Education & Childcare

Chloe’s got her sights set firmly on a teaching career and – thanks to the skills and knowledge that she obtained at Hopwood Hall – is more confident than ever that this dream will soon become a reality.

“The course helps you gain so many employability skills that are vital when applying for university or jobs. I couldn’t be happier with the progress I made”

Chloe Salter
Chloe Salter Student Police Officer at Greater Manchester Police Uniformed Public Services

Chloe chose to study Uniformed Public Services with the aim of going into the police. She’d heard good things about the course, but experience still managed to exceed what she as expecting at Hopwood.

“Just try your best at Hopwood! Put 100% effort into everything and you will get far. And most importantly, never give up!”

Chloe Topps
Chloe Topps Studying HND Computing at Hopwood Hall College and University Centre. Computer Science

Chloe felt herself grow as a person on her course and is now pursuing a career in what’s traditionally a male-dominated industry.

 “I’ve come a long way from where I began to where I am now. I’ve always had ambition, but now I really feel like I’m finally on the right track”

Daniel Noble
Daniel Noble Firefighter at Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service Uniformed Public Services

Daniel’s career is as fast-paced as his course – only now he’s bravely running into burning buildings, saving lives and serving his community in the most inspiring way

Listen, learn and get involved. The tutors at the college have a wide range of experience throughout the public services and will help you massively

Dione Whalley
Dione Whalley Studying Medical Science at the University of Chester Applied Science

Whilst studying at Hopwood, Dione learned a great deal about diseases, medical anatomy and other subjects needed to become a Doctor.

“I hope to one day work as a doctor in A&E. Hopwood provided me wit so much knowledge to make the steps towards this and best prepare me for university and beyond”

Dulcie Turner
Dulcie Turner Studying Engineering at Cambridge University Engineering

Dulcie was so impressed with the college’s state-of-the-art Technology Centre that she was happy to pass up providers closer to home and travel slightly further just to have the opportunity to study here

“It’s because of my experience in the Technology Centre that I got into engineering. It was my first opportunity to use industry-standard machinery. I had a good relationship with all the staff”

Dylan Shann
Dylan Shann Cabin Crew for easyJet Travel & Tourism

Dylan was so impressed with the facilities at the college that he just knew he had to study here. It was a fantastic decision – especially since he’s already in his dream job!

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without the wonderful tutors at Hopwood It was a very uplifting environment!”

Ella O’Mahony
Ella O’Mahony Travel Agent Apprentice at Hays Travel Travel & Tourism

Ella chose to study Travel & Tourism after attending an open event at Hopwood Hall. She found the tutors to be both knowledgeable and passionate – and instantly knew that the course was for her.

“Choosing Travel & Tourism was the best decision I have ever made. It’s so fun, everyday was new and exciting – I never wanted it to end!”

Elle Pickles
Elle Pickles Nursing Assistant, NHS Health & Social Care

Like many students, Elle’s course also gave her the opportunity to go into Higher Education. She’s now also currently studying Adult Nursing at the University of Salford.

“Studying at the college helped me to develop strong communication, leadership, teamwork and organisational skills. It ultimately enabled me to pursue a career in the job that I love the most”

Elysia-jo Crossley
Elysia-jo Crossley Apprentice at D. Lowe Decorating Painting and Decorating

Originally starting on Level 1, Elysia-jo proved her stripes on her course and climbed the levels. Once she had more skills and experience, she became the perfect candidate for an apprenticeship.

“The best part for me was how patient the tutors were when showing you different ways of doing things. We could also have a good laugh in lessons!”

Emily Hamilton
Emily Hamilton Working to become GP Practice Manager at Healey Surgery, Rochdale Level 2 Business Administration

Emily was 19 when she started her apprenticeship. The training route not only gave her more direction and instilled a greater drive in her, but also put her on a solid career path – and she’s got big ambitions for the future!

“I was slightly older when I started my apprenticeship, but I’m now on an ever-growing career path thanks to the amazing team at Hopwood”

Georgia Jones
Georgia Jones Finance Assistant at Hopwood Hall College Level 3 AAT Accounts Apprenticeship

Georgia’s apprenticeship taught her how to work within a professional environment and develop relationships. Having performed well on her apprenticeship, Georgia was promoted to a permanent position

“If you think you are ready to go into the working world and have good employability skills then go for an apprenticeship. It gives you experience towards employment and more opportunities towards a full time job.”

Helen King-Wilson
Helen King-Wilson Deputy Manager at Red Robin Pre-school, Oldham Foundation Degree in Early Years

Helen wanted to climb through the ranks of the childcare industry and knew that the best way to do this was by studying Higher Education at our University Centre. It was her opportunity to stay local and go far!

“Hopwood unlocked capabilities that I did not recognise in myself and gave me the confidence to expand my knowledge”

Janine Lightfoot
Janine Lightfoot Nursery Manager at Red Robin Preschool Foundation Degree in Early Years

Nursery manager Janine wanted to implement positive changes to her nursery and stay ahead in the industry. She knew that the best way to achieve this was to study at Higher Education.

“I have never really been academic but doing this has shown me that when you have a passion for something you can achieve what you thought were impossible goals!”

Joanne Drysdale
Joanne Drysdale Newly Qualified Teacher at East Crompton St George’s Primary School Foundation Degree in Early Years

When Joanne joined our University Centre as a mature student, she found herself on the fast-track to her dream career. The supportive nature of the course allowed Joanne to secure the job she’d always wanted.

“It’s never to late to achieve your dream! I was a mature student and Hopwood supported and encouraged me to pursue my dream and achieve it”

Jordan North
Jordan North Student Officer, Greater Manchester Police Uniformed Public Services

While a position in the police force is now a reality for Jordan, he gained much more than just his dream job by the time he’d finished his qualification.

“I met my best mates in college and I know I’ll stick by them for the rest of my life. The staff at the college still inspire me and are a big part of my motivation even to this day”

Joshua Watt
Joshua Watt Sports Coach at EdStart Foundation Degree in Sports Coaching

Joshua’s time at our University Centre gave him a great leg up when it came to making his mark in the industry. He even picked up one of the coveted gongs at our annual Higher Education Awards!

“There are so many fantastic opportunities at Hopwood – be sure to say ‘yes’ to as many as you can!”

Kevin Riley
Kevin Riley Runs his own dog walking business Level 2 Certificate Competence in Dog Walking

Kevin was working as a photocopying engineer until he studied his part-time course and turned his side hustle into a fully-fledged business.

“The course allowed me to grow a business and take control of my life”

Kyrste Thompson
Kyrste Thompson Account Manager GCSE Maths and English

Kyrste returned to education to future proof her skillset in a delicate job market. She’s now confident that she’ll always be able to gain meaningful employment no matter what the future holds.

“My advice to others would be to just got for it. It really was just a great experience from start to finish”

Latisha Mawdsley
Latisha Mawdsley Studying Youth and Community Work at University of Huddersfield Education & Childcare

Latisha had the opportunity to thrive during her time at Hopwood. She’s now making use of the opportunities her course brought by undertaking Higher Education at the University of Huddersfield.

“The best thing about college was the support from my teachers when I struggled or needed any help. They went above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed”

Lauren McGeary
Lauren McGeary Student Children’s Nurse, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital Health and Social Care

Lauren knew that she wanted to go to university, but also knew that she didn’t want to do A-Levels. The BTEC route was perfect for her and allowed her to progress to Higher Education.

“Definitely do the course if it’s what you want to do. Just remember that you don’t have to do A-Levels to get into university”

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