Alumni Success Stories

We know that in our community there’s a massive appetite from adults to learn new skills, gain important qualifications and meet like-minded people because we’ve seen it first hand!

Those who return to education are always thrilled by the experience, but it’s often what they do next that is particularly impressive. We’ve seen people seize a long overdue promotion, start an entirely new career and even launch their own business.

We’ve seen success stories from people of all ages. With our courses being suitable for adults aged 19 to 99+, we’ve welcomed everyone from recent university graduates to great-grandparents onto our many different pathways.

It can be so inspiring to read their stories, especially since many completed different modes of learning and at different stages of their lives. It might even help you to decide which one of our part-time routes is most suited to you and your goals.

Kyrste Thompson
Kyrste Thompson Account Manager Studied: GCSE Maths and English

Kyrste returned to education to future proof her skillset in a delicate job market. She’s now confident that she’ll always be able to gain meaningful employment no matter what the future holds.

“My advice to others would be to just got for it. It really was just a great experience from start to finish”

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