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​Students switch on the talent at Rochdale Town Hall


Performing arts students opened the town festivities with interpretive dance performances during the Christmas lights weekend.

Students gave performances before the switching on of the lights, as well as for a private audience at Rochdale Safer Communities Partnership’s newly launched domestic abuse campaign.

For the Christmas lights, students were invited to show off their talents and engage with the public alongside other local institutions, including Rochdale AFC and Rochdale Team Karting.

Dance numbers, choir singing and song-dance combinations were performed throughout the day, with Zumba classes being held with members of the public in between.

Michael Swales, a level 3 student who performed in the Christmas lights routines, described his pride in performing in front of hundreds of people,

“I was very proud to perform in the Rochdale light switch on and dressing up as a Dame in front of all those people was definitely an experience! I was very proud of everyone's efforts and I am looking forward for the opportunity to perform again next year.”

What’s more, some of the performing arts class had also been demonstrating their talent inside the Town Hall.

Rochdale Safer Communities Partnership, in association with the White Ribbon Campaign, invited the students to give a physical theatre piece on demonstrate domestic violence in its many forms.

Performing Arts Lecturer at Hopwood Hall, Daniella Kelsall, said of her student’s domestic violence piece,

“This is such an important project and I am really happy our students were asked to perform a physical piece to demonstrate the effects of domestic violence. It is a campaign we can all most definitely get behind.

“Many of the attendees came to us afterwards and described how powerful they found the performance and how it helped them grasp the terrible effects violence has. All our students should be very proud of their work”