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College's Hair & Beauty centre gets cutting edge upgrades


Hopwood Hall College opened its brand new Hair and Beauty training centre in fabulous style, trailblazing a path for a new generation of top talent in Greater Manchester.

The College’s Rochdale campus has had its entire fourth floor transformed into an amazing new hair and beauty hub, positioning itself at the forefront for training in hair and beauty in Greater Manchester.

Rochdale’s most prestigious hair stylist and owner of longstanding ‘Couzens’, Greg Couzens, opened the new training hub along with former Mayor of Manchester and current LGBT Advisor to Andy Burnham, Dr. Carl Austin-Behan and Jaria Hussain-lala, one of the leads behind Rochdale Borough Council's anti-domestic abuse campaign 'Cut it Out'.

Pictured: Jaria Hussain-Lala, Carl Austin-Behan, Greg Couzens and Hopwood Hall College's Principal & CEO, Julia Heap at the Grand Opening

Hair & beauty salons from across Greater Manchester were out in force to support the Grand Opening and were keen to see for themselves the starting point for many of their future employees.

The new hair and beauty salons will complement the College’s existing commercial Riverside Salon that already hosts thousands of clients every year and serves as one of the best platforms for aspiring stylists and beauticians.

Current students at Hopwood Hall College gave demonstrations to guests and local employers after the College’s Riverside Restaurant welcomed attendees to the event.

Pictured: Students give live demonstrations to attending guests

Hopwood Hall College Principal & CEO, Julia Heap, said to the attending guests:

“This launch represents exciting news for Rochdale and Greater Manchester, it’s a superb upgrade and will enhance our hair and beauty students’ learning journey.

“Now more than ever we can offer direct links to the latest innovations and practices, allowing students to specialise in their chosen field or gain wider industry experience that will enhance their employability.”

Greg Couzens, one of Rochdale’s most renowned hair stylists and owner of Couzens - a salon that has been established since 1983, offered his views:

“It’s a tough industry to make it in, it's an industry where we can really make a difference to people's confidence and self-assurance. Today I have seen some exciting talent coming through and Hopwood Hall College’s facilities will offer students the perfect opportunity to build their skills and have the best tools to make it in the world of hair and beauty.”

His sentiments were echoed by Carl Austin-Behan, who was making his second visit to the College after previously working with the College’s Hopwood Pride group:

“Amazing facilities. I’ve been really impressed, I didn’t realise this level of training was available at student level. I love coming to Hopwood as the students and staff are an inspiring example of the potential the region holds, with facilities like this there’s opportunity for them to maximise that potential.”

Applications to study at Hopwood Hall College’s Hair & Beauty centre can be made on the College’s website:

Pictured: Students give live demonstrations to attending guests

Pictured: Guests pack out the College's Riverside Restaurant for canapes and champagne

Pictured: Carl Austin-Behan and Greg Couzens tour the new facilities