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College offers community chance to complete FREE online courses as country goes back into lockdown


Hopwood Hall College is offering the community the opportunity to complete a free online course now that the country is once again in lockdown.

The short courses – which don’t cost a penny for those aged 19 and over – are designed to equip local people with skills that can improve their employment prospects and keep them connected in the weeks and months to come.

This includes those who are currently furloughed, self-isolating or simply unsure about what the future might hold beyond the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier this year, 1,400 people took up the amazing opportunity to take a short online course during the initial lockdown.

In order to accommodate the new surge in interest, Hopwood has added a variety of courses to boost people’s CVs and keep their minds active.

There are five different fields to choose from, including Digital and IT, Leadership and Management, and Health and Wellbeing.

The latter includes bitesize courses on the likes of Mental Health Awareness and Developing a Personal Plan.

The other categories are Home Working and Staying Safe – both designed to arm people with a handy skillset needed in a world of social distancing.

The free online courses are suitable for learners from all different backgrounds, no experience is necessary to enrol and upon completion they’ll receive a virtual certificate that they can download immediately.

This opportunity comes after new research has found that an online course can massively improve a person’s earning potential.

According to the research conducted by the education charity Demos, on average people who undertake online learning see their annual pay increase by £3,640.

For the full list of free online courses, please visit:

Julia Heap, Principal and CEO of Hopwood Hall College, said:

“A free online course is a brilliant way to keep connected and gain valuable new skills during these uncertain times.

“Whatever your circumstances are right now, it’s your way to make a positive change and secure a better future.

“I’d like to encourage people to take up this opportunity to push their boundaries and reach their potential.”