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Land Based Technician (Life Sciences)



To facilitate the learning process by supporting staff and students in an effective learning environment. To carry out maintenance projects in the Land Based studies curriculum area working under the direction and supervision of the Animal Centre Coordinator. To undertake day to day maintenance and enclosure upkeep in the Land Based studies curriculum area. To undertake enclosure development, maintenance and repairs utilizing a specific trade. To ensure that all work undertaken is properly conducted in an efficient, safe and timely manner.


1. To be responsible for good housekeeping, carrying out repairs and maintenance in the Land Based studies curriculum area, ensuring a safe environment and working conditions at all times for staff, students and visitors.

2. To be responsible for protecting and maintaining water, heating, gas and electrical systems.

3. To ensure that daily checks are carried out on buildings, enclosures and services where all defects are logged and reported promptly.

4. To maintain and repair specialist equipment and be responsible for the security of equipment and tools.

5. To assist in recording repairs undertaken and in maintaining an accurate inventory of all equipment used in connection with maintenance activity, including logging completion of reactive requests on the college’s TABS system.

6. To consider health and safety at all times and respond quickly and effectively to health and safety issues, reporting any matters to the Centre coordinator.

7. To undertake general grounds maintenance including clearing outside areas, making outside areas safe in poor weather conditions, and undertaking gardening duties, as required.

8. Maintain breeding nurseries, greenhouses, and arable land

9. To be responsible for the day to day care of all the plants within the Land Based studies curriculum area.

10. To operate equipment such as sprayers, rota vator, seed cleaning equipment, seed counters, harvesters, irrigation equipment, pruning tools and tractors etc.

11. To assist in the planning of growing programmes both for sustainability and food sources

12. To assist with the supervision of students during their work placement on site

13. Ensure continuous development and improvement of professional knowledge.


SALARY SCALE: £14,505 - £18,253 per annum

HOURS OF DUTY: 36 hours per week

CLOSING DATE: 18th February 2018

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