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Information for Parents

It's fair to say that an FE college is a very different environment to a school. Your child will not be 'in class' all day, or even every day, as much more emphasis is placed on online learning and developing knowledge outside of the classroom. However, we understand the important role that you play in your child's learning so we keep parents / guardians informed of their child’s progress at the College through consultations and open events. You are also welcome to contact the student support tutors at any time with any concerns or questions that you may have.

Keep updated on your son/daughter’s progress through our Parent Portal

You can register and login to our Parent Portal here - or at the top of every page - to help keep track of your child's progress while studying with us. This is an invaluable tool for many parents and includes information on attendance plus grades awarded for each practical assessment and written assignment. Download our user guide here for details on how to register.

Progress Tutors

All of our full-time students are allocated a Progress Tutor who will support their progress throughout their time with us. Our Progress Tutors are committed to ensuring students are able to maximise their individual progress, performance and personal development. They will help students make the most of their time at Hopwood Hall by giving them support, guidance and lots of encouragement to help them flourish.

Progress Tutors will:

  • Help students settle into college and ensure that learners are on the right course
  • Identify any individual needs and help develop learners' Individual Learning Plan
  • Undertake a termly review to look at progress and agree targets to support learners achievement and success
  • Provide support with personal or welfare issues

Additionally, we have Student & College Services Assistants within the reception area for students, staff and visitors who can assist with all aspects of student life, bursary, transport, the nursery, room enquiries and more.

Learning support and counselling service

To help learners reach their potential Hopwood Hall College offer a dedicated, highly qualified and experienced Learning Support Team to provide assistance to learners who have specific needs or requirements. In addition, we also offer a confidential counselling service available on both campuses.

Extra support is available for:

  • Learners with learning difficulties
  • Blind/visually impaired learners
  • Deaf/hearing impaired learners
  • Learners with physical disabilities/mobility needs
  • Medical conditions
  • Personal care needs

Rochdale's Local Offer

All local authorities have to publish information and advice on what services and provisions are available for children and young people with SEN and/or a disability. To ensure we are offering as much accurate and useful information as possible, you can see this resource through the link below. This is updated regularly using feedback to improve the information and you can submit your own to help improve it further.

To find out more about what provision and services are available, contact us today or visit the link and browse the information. You can also contact the local authority for information on services beyond what we offer at Hopwood Hall College.

Careers Advice

We offer a comprehensive, impartial Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) service to support current, future and past students. We are here to help you to explore your career and study options and to prepare you to move forward into education, training or employment. Our Careers Advisor was recently been crowned “Careers Champion” in 2019 during a national competition.

Click HERE to view our Activity of Careers

Click HERE to read our Careers Guide for Parents and Carers

Find out more about how the Careers Team can support you below.

The Careers Team work closely with a range of partner organisations to provide additional advice, opportunities and support where applicable, including:

ID Cards

For the safety of all staff and students, everyone on Campus is required to wear their ID badge at all times. There are access control systems in some buildings where swipe cards are required for entry. Students will be unable to access the College without a valid card and a charge of £5 will be made for a replacement.

Each student card comes pre-loaded with £20 worth of print credits which students can use in the Learning Resources Centres. From September 2013 ID cards will also become a method of payment for food, drink, stationery kits, trips and uniforms as the college moves to cashless systems on both campuses.


Hopwood Hall College is strongly committed to the well-being of all its students.

We have a moral and statutory duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of all our students and endeavour to create and maintain a safe and welcoming learning environment where they are respected and valued. We will identify where there are safeguarding concerns regarding our students and take action to address them in partnership with other organisations where appropriate.

The College has procedures in place that enable students to communicate any worries or concerns for themselves or their peers. We have a Senior Designated Safeguarding Officer with specific and overall responsibility for safeguarding issues, and operationally we have three Designated Safeguarding Officers trained to follow up any safeguarding issues that arise on a day to day basis.

Crèche and childcare funding

The College has a crèche facility run by Crèche and Co and it operates from the Rochdale Campus. Students can also use an outside provider but need to apply through the bursary fund for any childcare funding. The childcare provider must be Ofsted registered in accordance with SFA guidelines.

Students under the age of 20 must apply to Care to Learn for childcare funding. There is always a great demand for childcare funding and funds are limited so it is advised to apply early.


Our catering facilities for students, staff and visitors offer a wide range of food and snacks prepared fresh each day by our very own catering students. Our bistro and refectory menus cater for different tastes and cultures and are open from 8am through to 8pm most evenings.


There are limited parking facilities at both campuses and these are obtained on a first come first served basis. Due to the Rochdale campus being in a city centre there is barrier access to the car park therefore there is a charge of £20 for the whole year. Parking permits can be obtained from either reception.