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Hopwood's Round Up

Jan 16, 2017

Did you miss us over the Christmas break? Have you been a nervous wreck wondering just what we have been up to? If so, then settle down, take a breath and read on...

Deck the halls with grubs and locusts
(Warning: Possible adorable overdose)

Some of our most popular residents received a Christmas feast courtesy of our Animal Management students. Our family of Meerkats dined on a banquet of insects and worms, although one of the pups (pictured bottom, left) did express disappointment at missing out on a PS4.

Up the Dale!

As part of the college's partnership with Rochdale AFC, fan favourite Peter Vincenti made a surprise visit to our weekend youth academy.

The prolific winger dropped in to hand out awards, speak to the aspiring footballers, pose for pictures and no doubt feature in a few of the attendees Snapchat stories.

Tackling the media

Media Production students recently tackled Rochdale Hornets RLFC's kit launch campaign.

Students worked with Hornets star Michael Ratu to develop all the visuals for the rugby club, creating a 'casual and accessible' launch campaign.

Aside from the excellent work experience gained and the chance to prove themselves on a professional stage, many students were grateful for the opportunity to stare at Ratu's biceps up close.

Cooking up a storm

The proof was literally in the pudding at our Riverside Restaurant when they were inspected by the Automobile Association's hospitality team.

The students proved they knew the recipe to success by earning the 'Highly Commended' grade, the highest award the AA could have given. The award was the icing on the cake of a very successful year for the Riverside Restaurant team.

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