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22nd March 2017

Have you been lay in bed at night, eyes wide awake, tossing and turning, wondering just what has been going on at the college? The Hopwood Round Up is the perfect remedy...

7th February 2017

Where have you been for the last month!? Don't worry, the round up has you covered...

16th January 2017

Did you miss us over Christmas? Well never fear, Hopwood's Round Up is here

15th November 2016

With the return of The Walking Dead dominating television and workplace small talk, Hopwood Hall College Horticulture Student Barbara Burke wondered, how would she actually survive an apocalypse?

21st September 2016

We are delighted to welcome our students and their guests to the 2015/16 Higher Education Graduation Ceremony. This year’s event we are celebrating 24 years of Higher Education programmes at Hopwood Hall College.

20th September 2016

Are you bored of your current course? Want something more hands on? Looking to kick-start your career? We've got you covered.

15th September 2016

Looking to boost your CV, learn new skills or help us make life at Hopwood Hall even better? The Student Cabinet is perfect for you!