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Welcome to our Further Education Awards 2021!

Every year we hold a ceremony in which we celebrate the most exceptional members of our community at Hopwood Hall College. While we unfortunately can’t do this in the lavish, in-person way that we have in the past, we just couldn’t allow this special occasion to pass without recognising some of the incredible achievements we’ve seen this year.

There really have been so many amazing success stories. Despite some truly extraordinary circumstances, we have been so proud to see so many of you reaching your goals in the face of adversity. These awards are our way of tipping our hat to you for demonstrating the most resilience and determination.

This year’s nominees have all been handpicked by our tutors. These members of staff have watched on proudly as a select few have proven to be the ‘best of the best’ – not an easy feat amongst such a talented college community!

As winners you should feel incredibly proud. These awards are recognition of the amazing work ethic and positive attitude that you have brought to your studies. We hope that this celebration of your achievements will be even more motivation for you to keep reaching for the stars!

Finally, we’d like to say ‘good luck’ to everyone whose journey with us is coming to an end. We’re so proud of all you have achieved at Hopwood Hall College.

Whether you’ll be continuing in education to develop your skills or whether you’ll be taking the first steps in your career, we wish you all the success in the world. Please do stay in touch because we’d love to hear about all the fantastic things you go on to do!

Here’s our Principal and CEO, Julia Heap, AND NAZIR AFZAL OBE, CHAIR OF THE CORPORATION with a special celebratory message!

Without further ado, here is our big reveal for the winners of our Further Education Awards 2021...

The following special awards are given annually to celebrate those students and staff who have managed to shine brightest from within an entire sea of stars!

This includes our prestigious Star Awards, which go to students who are particularly exceptional and have gone above and beyond to achieve their goals.

A selection of certificates, trophies, vouchers or cash prizes are on their way to our winners.

Congratulations to all of our winners - well done on your achievements!

The following awards celebrate those students who have demonstrated the most progress and experienced the highest achievements during the academic year.

Your hard work has not gone unnoticed by your tutors and you are all worthy winners for your curriculum area!

All winners will receive a certificate in the post to commemorate their amazing accomplishments.

Best Progress

Level 1 Art and Design - Shelly Kiely

Level 2 Art and Design - Ionela Ioan

Level 3 Art & Design - Kacey Stott

Level 3 Art & Design - Reiss Powell

Level 2 Creative Media & Technology - Games Jamie Melling

Level 2 Creative Media Production and Technology - Jakeal Whittall

Level 3 Creative Media Production and Technology - Jake Lindley

Level 3 Creative Media Production and Technology - Rebecca Mills

Level 3 Games Development - Ben Parsons

Level 3 Games Development - Lewis Smith

Level 2 Art and Graphic Design - Georgie Fielding

Level 3 Graphic Design - Tyler Sheppard

Level 3 Graphic Design - Mason Holt

Level 2 Performing Arts - Aaron Hale

Level 3 Performing Arts - Kimberly Malazia

Level 3 Creative Practice - Keara Henshaw

Best Achievement

Level 1 Art and Design - Beatriz Cunha Cardoso Santos

Level 2 Art and Design - Francesca Ridgway

Level 3 Art & Design - Jade Warwick

Level 3 Art & Design - Aaminah Majeed

Level 3 Art & Design - Hazel luty

Level 2 Creative Media & Technology - Games Ethan Galloway

Level 2 Creative Media Production and Technology - Joshua Wild

Level 3 Creative Media Production and Technology - Benjamin Crabtree

Level 3 Creative Media Production and Technology - George Feakin

Level 3 Games Development - Mark Campbell

Level 3 Games Development - Jadesola Juwe

Level 2 Art and Graphic Design - Harry Clegg

Level 3 Graphic Design - Grace Davis

Level 3 Graphic Design - Slessor Muza

Level 2 Performing Arts - Melissa Sale

Level 3 Performing Arts - Tequila Skerritt

Level 3 Performing Arts - Nicolas Boorman

Level 3 Performing Arts - Lucy Grogan

Level 3 Art & Design - Creative Practice Connor Thompson

best Progress

Level 1 Brickwork - Mahdi Rashid

Level 1 Multiskills - Ehan Shoel

Level 1 Multiskills - James Stott

Level 1 Painting and Decorating - Lewis Hall

Level 2 Electrical Installation - Andrew Cullen

Level 2 Plastering - Fallou Lo

Level 3 Motor Vehicle - Luke Molyneux

Mechanical Engineering - Luke Humphreys

Fabrication and Welding Engineering - Muaaz Ibrar

Level 3 Mechanical Engineering - Brody Hume

Level 3 Electrical / Electronic Engineering - Farhat Subhani

Level 1 Carpentry & Joinery - Brandon Day

Level 2 Carpentry & Joinery - Kris Hebb

Level 3 Carpentry & Joinery - Kyron Scholes

best Achievement

Level 1 Brickwork - Nathan Torkington

Level 1 Multiskills - Kyle Smith

Level 1 Painting and Decorating - Asad Mahmood

Level 2 Plastering - John Warburton

Level 3 Electrical Installation - Ben Eckersley

Level 3 Motor Vehicle - Adam Bullows

Mechanical Engineering - Luke Gerrard

Fabrication and Welding Engineering - Tshepo Magongwe

Level 3 Mechanical Engineering - Alicia Shepherd

Level 3 Electrical / Electronic Engineering - Zach Hudson

Level 1 Carpentry & Joinery - Joshua Redfern

Level 2 Carpentry & Joinery - Max Ward

Level 3 Carpentry & Joinery - Leyton Kelsell

best Progress

Level 3 Accounting - Callum Daniels

Level 3 Business - Katarzyna Rzepka

Level 3 Travel and Tourism - Stacey McDonagh

Level 3 IT Software, Web and Telecoms - Max Massey

Level 3 IT - Website Design Academy - Waleed Ahmad

best Achievement

Level 2 Business - Sayduz Zuman

Level 3 Accounting - Ayokunmi Adebayo

Level 3 Travel and Tourism - Ella O'Mahony

Level 3 ICT - Chloe Topps

best Progress

Skills for Life - Declan Rigby

GCSE English - Andrew Reeves

Adult Functional Skills English - Esther Izevbigie

GCSE Maths - Danni-Marie Flood

best Achievement

Skills for Life - Kristina Watts

Level 3 Award in Education and Training - Rebecca Sweeney

Functional Skills English - Amber-Kahlan Boyd-Carroll

Adult GCSE English - Jalil Ahmed

GCSE Maths - Andrew Fairhurst

best Progress

Level 2 Animal Care - Dumitru Cristan

GCSE Synergy Science - Sinit Yemane

Level 3 Applied Science - Megyn Leon

best Achievement

Level 3 Applied Science - Molly Wolstencroft

GCSE Synergy - Charlie Dodd

best Progress

Level 1 Early Years - Fiza Kausar

Level 2 Early Years - Chezney Scanlon

Level 3 Early Years - Leoni Whitehead

Level 3 Early Years - Danielle Warburton

best Achievement

Level 1 Early Years - Hibahtullah Mahmood

Level 2 Early Years - Elisha Williams

Level 3 Early Years - Olivia Keaney

Level 3 Early Years - Eboni Burke

best Progress

ESOL Entry 1 - Pascoa Freire

ESOL Entry 2 - Ana Sampaio

ESOL Entry 3 - Katarzyna Konowalska

ESOL Study Programme Entry 1 - Mohammed Issa

ESOL Study Programme Entry 1 - Awad Allah Abdulrahman Minni

ESOL Study Programme Entry 2 - Rubina Malik

ESOL Study Programme Entry 3 - Ermias Megos Berih

ESOL Study Programme Entry 3 - Fatemeh Zooghalian

best Achievement

ESOL Entry 1 - Josefa Martins

ESOL Entry 2 - Jerson Ismael Bartolomeu Antonio

ESOL Entry 3 - Ecaterina Voloc

ESOL Study Programme Entry 1 - Samir Ali

ESOL Study Programme Entry 2 - Bianca Rafaela Azevedo De Sa Morais

ESOL Study Programme Entry 3 - Redona Pirraci

ESOL Study Programme Level 1 - Amara Kanwal

ESOL Study Programme Pre-Entry - Shahram Karimi

best Progress

Level 2 Beauty Therapy - Halle Birch

Level 2 Womens Hairdressing - Afrah Fadul

Level 3 Special Effects Theatrical Make-Up & Hair - Antonia Haworth

best Progress

Level 1 Health & Social Care - Daniel Berry

Level 2 Health & Social Care - Jennifer Okpalaojiego

Level 3 Health & Social Care - Holly Nuttall

best Achievement

Level 1 Health & Social Care - Stefania Plopsoreanu

Level 2 Health & Social Care - Bethany Hopley

Level 3 Health & Social Care - Mackenzie Harnett

best Progress

Level 1 Culinary Skills - Haris Irfan

Level 2 Certificate Professional Cookery - Patrycja Dec

Level 3 General Patisserie and Confectionary - Ellie McKenzie

best Achievement

Level 1 Culinary Skills - James McCarthy

Level 2 Culinary Skills - Andrew Trevillion

Level 3 Patisserie and Confectionary - Holly Jackson

best Progress

Level 1 Sport - Callum Browne

Level 2 Sport - Henry Obioha

Level 3 Sport - Katie Hamlin

Level 3 Sport - Jack Green

Level 3 Sport and Exercise Science - Holly Parnum Taylor

Level 3 Personal Training - Megan Crossley

best Achievement

Level 3 Sport - Beth Lloyd

Level 3 Sport - Vladimiro Jalo

Level 3 Sport - James Downham Clarke

Level 3 Sport and Exercise Science - Ebony Flood

Level 3 Personal Training - Leah Milnes

best Progress

Level 2 Behaviour that Challenges - Sammia Syed


Level 2 Access - Ruth Ojinnaka