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The Corporation

The Corporation' and has a statutory responsibility for the educational challenges and vision for the College and for the ensuring the solvency of the College and safeguarding of its assets.

The Corporation is responsible for the quality of the service the College provides to students and their welfare, its financial health, the proper use of public funds and for securing the effective management of the College.

The Corporation does not manage the College - that is the Principal & CEO’s role.

The Corporation Board comprises 20 members: 15 independent members, two each for elected students and staff and the Principal and CEO. Independent members usually serve an initial term up to four years and are eligible for re-appointment at the end of the four year period. Elected students serve up to two years and elected staff serve up to four years. Members are expected to serve on at least one committee each.

The Corporation Board normally meets four times a year in addition to holding an annual conference. Much of the detailed work is completed through Corporation committees. They are:

  • Audit Committee (required by Statute)
  • Employment and Finance Committee
  • Search Committee
  • Remuneration Committee
  • Standards Committee
  • Ad Hoc Committees/Task Groups may be formed when the need arrives

Governor Types

Principal & CEO - Julia Heap is the Principal & CEO of Hopwood Hall College.

Clerk to the Corporation - Role involves looking after the legal affairs of the Corporation and advising on the propriety of any actions in line with government standards.

Independent Member - People from a wide range of businesses and industries, who wish to have a positive impact on the way the college's business is handled. The term of office varies depending on which committees an individual governor sits on.

Staff GOVERNORS (2) - Elected by members of the College's staffing body.

Student GOVERNORS (2) - Elected by the College's student body.


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