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Sinhote Co

  • Artist
  • ESOL Speaking & Listening

Sinhote originally grew up in Guinea-Bissau where as a child he would create crude toy cars out of old tins, developing the skills that would one day see his work in art exhibitions.

As a young adult he moved to Portugal to sell his creations as a full time occupation. Whilst he had success in exhibitions and selling privately to collectors and schools, to fulfil his dream of mass producing his creations he knew he would have to move to a country with a stronger market.

Sinhote moved to the UK and enrolled on an ESOL course to develop his English and gain the skills needed to set up his business in the UK. His models are made completely from recycled material, usually tins and discarded polystyrene, and feature details as attentive as the buttons found on a BMW X5s steering wheel.

“My aim is to create a production line where I can make my creations on a large scale. Currently I sell them by individual order to people all over the world, for example in the last few months I have made cars for office displays in Canada and Dubai.

“Studying my ESOL course has greatly improved my English and I now feel much more comfortable and able to achieve my goals.”