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Sarah Wilkinson

  • Carpentry Apprentice at Rochdale Boroughwide Housing
  • Level 1 Diploma in Carpentry & Joinery

Sarah joined Hopwood Hall College as a mature student, having previously trained as a chef, owned her own business and worked in business administration roles. After building her own furniture at home, Sarah realised she had a passion for carpentry and enrolled to study at the College’s technology centre.

During her studies, Sarah managed the notable achievement of coming second in her carpentry category at the national ‘Skill Build’ competition for skilled trades students.

After gaining her qualification, Sarah spoke to the college’s apprenticeship team and started a Carpentry & Joinery apprenticeship with RBH; where she now travels across the Rochdale Borough renovating and restoring houses.

“I thought apprenticeships were just for young people, so I was reluctant to start one after I finished my studies. But I am glad I did, I have had many more opportunities open themselves up for me since I did.

“If you love doing something, stick with it. I really enjoy my profession and if I had settled for the easier options I had, I wouldn’t be in this position now.”