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Sania Akhtar

  • Service Coordinator at Sudlows
  • Business Admin Apprenticeship

Sania originally studied at a sixth form, but applied for an apprenticeship once she left as she valued the real world experience plus a qualification that an apprenticeship offers versus the university offer of just a qualification.

After contacting Hopwood Hall’s apprenticeship team, they organised her time at the College and paired her with a quality employer in the form of Sudlows – one of the UK’s leading building and electrical services companies.

Sania’s apprenticeship experience raised her abilities and communications skills considerably and really prepared her for the world of work. Sudlows were so impressed with Sania that she was offered a full time role at the end of her apprenticeship.

“I’d definitely recommend an apprenticeship, I gained loads of skills, confidence and ultimately a really good job. It’s hard as it’s a job not just a course, but it gave me a qualification and a career at a brilliant company.

“The apprenticeships team at Hopwood Hall really looked after me, my tutors and assessors were great and always had help and support on hand whenever I needed it.”