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Ronan Beckett

  • Personal Trainer at The Gym Group
  • Level 4 Advanced Personal Training with Strength & Conditioning

Ronan’s story of progressing from a Level 2 course all the way up to Higher Education serves as proof that determination and application are often the most important ingredients for success.

Ronan credits the biggest lessons learned to be that around styles of training, nutrition and the understanding of different cultures and how to approach them. He points to the class trip to Lanzarote as one of his personal highlights as whilst it felt like a holiday with friends, it also taught him a great deal about the professional standards in the fitness world.

”In my current role I personally train people with The Gym Group, my aim is to own my own warehouse space and start my own transformation camps.

”I learned through my studied to have a small goal in mind and when you achieve it – set another and keep going until you reach the end game. You can’t ever stop learning, be humble and apply yourself.”