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Rachel Qazi

  • Learning Support Administrator at Back2Work
  • Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship

Rachel moved to Manchester after growing up in Barrow and started an apprenticeship at Hopwood Hall College wanting to retrain for a new career.

During her time as an apprentice in the College’s Management Information Services team, Rachel improved her confidence and professionalism, gaining a new understanding of the many learning curves found in the workplace.

In role at Back2Work, Rachel will be monitoring learner progress for people training to progress in their careers. Eventually, she aims to progress into data management field of work.

“I really enjoyed the job satisfaction of studying an apprenticeship. When we pulled off a big project like GCSE results, it felt great to be a respected member of a successful team. Studying an apprenticeship meant I could continue to learn but work in a relevant job at the same time.

“I learned a lot of lessons in how workplaces work and how I need to work. You shouldn’t assume everybody expects you to understand and complete everything 100% straight away, nobody stops learning in the world of work.”