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Mia McDougall

  • Animal Care Assistant, Vets Now
  • Level 2 Diploma In Work Based Animal Care

Mia knew that she needed to pursue her dream of working with animals after seeing the facilities at Hopwood Hall. It meant she had the great opportunity of care for rare and wonderful wildlife as she strived towards her goals.

After sadly losing her dad during her time at the college, she used the tragedy as motivation to complete her deadlines and finish the course. Mia said it was her aim to make him proud.

She overcame all adversity in the most inspiring way and managed to secure her current role working at a 24-hour emergency veterinarians, where she is responsible for numerous duties including collecting paw prints and locks of hair when animals have been euthanised.

“My advice would be to make sure you always get involved in practicals as you may never get to do it again outside of college.

"Always put 100% effort in to get the grades and then you can really reap the benefits of what the course has to offer!”