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Megan Charlesworth

  • Staff Nurse, Royal Oldham Hospital A&E
  • Health and Social Care

Megan’s one of our country’s brave key workers after securing a role as a staff nurse at Royal Oldham Hospital A&E. She’s fresh off studying Adult Nursing at university, but originally fell in love with the profession during her time at Hopwood.

Megan was first attracted to studying Health and Social Care because of the wide range of placement opportunities available. These opportunities were vital in helping her to understand the needs of others and discover just where she fit into within the care sector.

Along the way she also found the supportive nature of the tutors to be one of her favourite perks of attending Hopwood. It wasn’t just about pushing her to achieve the best grades, but making sure that she paid attention to her own health and wellbeing during her time on the course.

“I work a lot because I have an absolute passion to impact other people’s lives positively and actually be able to make a change in society. I couldn’t have done it without the Hopwood staff and the people I met along the way.”