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Matthew Burdaky

  • Electrical Installation Instructor at Hopwood Hall College
  • Level 3 Electrical Engineering and Level 4 Education & Training

Hopwood Hall College stood out to Matthew not just because of its class-leading Technology Centre, but because of its range of student facilities including a free gym.

Studying alongside mature students made Matthew realise that it’s never to late to retrain and that life has so many opportunities. This realisation helped inspire him to study Education & Training in the hope of one day becoming a lecturer.

His current role sees him help develop the next generation of talent at Hopwood Hall College in the same way his colleagues previously helped him.

“Doing my Education & Training course was a big step forward in my career. The tutors were fantastic and made the learning experience really enjoyable. Graduating at the College’s HE Ceremony was a very proud day for me.

”My best advice to students is to just enjoy the College experience. Your tutors will certainly make it an enjoyable time and ensure you can succeed and enjoy doing so.”